AeroMet Stack Testing

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Stack testing is a very important and highly specialized service that is required for a wide variety of industries. Testing results commonly dictate how frequently a facility can operate, if they require additional control devices, or if they can even operate within compliance thresholds. Accurate results can mean the difference between profitability and possible cutbacks to a facility. For that reason, choosing a stack testing firm that understands these important ramifications may be one of the most critical decisions a company will ever make.

AeroMet has extensive experience in particulate, criteria pollutant, and hazardous air pollutant (HAPs) testing, as well as using test methods for specific source/installation categories. We can complete testing for both regulatory and investigative (in-house) purposes, including traditional compliance with the multitude of NSPS and MACT standards, site-specific requirements pursuant to New Source Review/BACT sources, and Part 70/Title V installations. All elements of our service are carefully conducted by our experienced professional staff, from formulation of the test plan through on-site physical testing and subsequent report submittal. Besides our thorough familiarity with required emission test methods, a significant benefit we offer is our staff is intimately familiar with the specific source operating parameters and process controls. Listed below are some of the more frequently used test Methods AeroMet can readily perform. Don't see a specific method listed? Please contact us and we'll gladly let you know if we can quickly and successfully complete the job.

Inherent Methods 1, 2, 3, & 4
Method 5, 17, 201, & 202 - PM, PM10, and CPM
Method 6/8, - SOx/SO2, sulfuric acid mist, & related S compounds
Method 7 - NOx
Method 9 & 22 - Opacity
Method 10 & 20 - CO
Method 12, 29, 101, 103, 108 & 306 - Metals including Pb, Hg, Cr, Be, & As
Method 23 - Dioxins & Furans
Method 25 & 204 - VOCs
Method 26 - HCl